30% Tax Credit on Solar Powered Skylights

Velux just introduced a new Solar Powered “Fresh Air” skylight with some long awaited features which you will love.  The 30% Federal Tax Credit is icing on the cake.    A tax credit, unlike a tax rebate, is real money that you can put in your pocket.  For more information visit the Velux website.

Here is what we love about these windows. 

– No electrician needed

– No direct sun needed & long battery charge times.

– The window can easily be programmed to open and close on  your schedule.  You can even program a bank of skylights to open at the same time.

No worries!

– Rain sensor automatically closes the skylight when needed

– Automatically closes if the battery is running low. 

Optional cellular shades make the glass 40% more energy efficient.

– The shades are solar operated too and can be programmed to open and close according to your schedule.

This product may be new to the US but has been available in Europe for about 10 years.   Oh, and check out the great warranty!

Chris and I love the idea because we love natural light and ventilation.  We are still living in the very first house that Chris and I designed and built back in 1986.  It has the original skylights.  Despite all of the bad press, we have never had a single problem with our skylights. We’ve never been tempted to replace them until now.   

These Velux skylights can be programmed to open just a crack on a cold winter night or wide open for the cool night air in the summer. No need to worry about rain, the screens will keep out the bugs, and the shades can be programmed to let the light in when it is time to get up.   You can’t beat that!

The Federal Tax Credit is valid until 2016 so we have time to save up. 

Are we getting paid to say this?  Absolutely not but we know something great when we see it and haven’t been this excited about a new product in a long time. 



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