Addition Disaster Fixed After 20 Long Years

Starting the other side
Before Photo of improper
Removing Windows
Ready for new deck
New windows and door
New Vinyl Siding
New Typar and RainGuard
New Tempered Glass Deck
New Deck
Before rot and insects
Before photos of cheaply
Before photo of homemade
Before all wrong
About to remove old windows
Bad Idea Home made window built on site
Leaking Windows Contractor built
Letter of Reference Pat

Trish hired a construction company to build a two story 20’x30′ addition to her home.  She was looking forward to enjoying the view of Thomaston Harbor from her new rooms.  Unfortunately, she was never truly able to use the addition because it leaked so badly.   She lived with that leaky and drafty addition for 20 years before she was financially and psychologically ready to solve her problem.

 What did the original contractors do wrong?   The list is long; here are the highlights.   The windows were “home made” windows made of plate glass and fastened with wooden cleats.   The trim was wrapped with aluminum in a very crude manner.  There were no sills and no insulation, just a little caulk.  The windows were not flashed at all; water poured down through the header trim.  The roof and siding started leaking almost immediately. 

Fortunately, Trish put a halt to the project before wasting any more money.  The room was drafty and never insulated.  That was a blessing because it allowed the moisture to escape between rain storms.  There weren’t many rotten boards to replace.  Unfortunately, though, we had to replace almost everything else.

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