This Contractor Stole Her Life Savings

The place Chris went to see last week was one of the worst examples he has seen.    It was completely unsafe; the contractor did the work without getting any permits, and took off after receiving a large payment. 

This woman is fighting the contractor’s insurance company.  They are the ones who asked us to go talk to her.  She thinks that they will pay to have the job done correctly.  Unfortunately, there is no insurance for choosing an incompetent contractor.   

She is retired and spent most of her life savings on this job.  Chris gave her a price to demolish and then completely re do what the other contractor did.  

He is very afraid she is going to hire another “low baller” to take over where the last guy left off and cosmetically cover it up.   No one would ever know.   Many homeowners hire unlicensed contractors and build or remodel without a permit.   If asked, they can simply claim they did the work themselves.  A homeowner can legally do their own carpentry, plumbing and electrical work in Maine.  Buyer beware!  





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