Custom Garage used for several years as a Vacation Cottage, Cushing, ME

Garage Under Construction - The House Will Come LaterIn the spring of 2010, we contracted with Daggett Builders for the construction of a custom built garage in Cushing, ME.

The principals, Chris and Crystal Robinson, kept us well informed with frequent  updates and progress reports of the project. Because we lived nearly 200 miles away during construction, they sent us digital photos via the Internet during the process.

Garage Complete- We built a custom storage building for the next door neighbor as wellThe most satisfying aspect of working with Daggett Builders was the fact that costs were kept within our budget. On a few occasions where we decided to expand or change some details to the original plan, Daggett was very flexible in meeting our needs with clear and concise change orders. Before construction began, potential cost variances such as well drilling were fully explained in advance.

One of Our Job Site SignsAnother key advantage working with Daggett Builders was the knowledge and experience they brought of  the local regulatory environment. They were well versed with town ordinances, construction restrictions, and building statutes. Their ability to form positive relationships and to navigate through the regulatory environment was a key factor in ensuring the project’s timely completion.

I would highly recommend Daggett Builders for their integrity, their strong communication skills, their experience with the local building landscape, and their ability to demonstrate flexibility in completing a superior quality custom building  project.

David and Diane Anastasio, Massachusetts

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