Angie’s List Post by a Satisfied Client in Waldoboro, ME

Robert Browne e mailed this copy of the post he made to Angie’s List.

Crystal I copied the page by highlighting the information.  All but a small section highlighted which I’ll post at the end.

Report Date: February 12, 2011
Company Name:
Daggertt Builders
Roof Ice/Snow Removal
Work Done:
* More Weight is given to a report where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date:
February 12, 2011
Hire Again:
Approximate Cost:
Home Build Year:
Description Of Work:
We had approximately 18 inches of snow and ice on our roof and were concerned with damage to the roof. We called Daggett Builders and I first spoke to the owners wife, who told me they could do the job and the price to do the job $35.00/hour for each worker plus a 1/2 hr travel time each. I thought that was fair. She gave me her husband’s cell phone-owner Chris Robinson who was very professional, told me the men could come on a Saturday an no additional charge, could they come early like 7am. I said yes. They were here by 6:45am had the entire roof shoveled off, and even spread some salted sand that I provided to clear up some of the ice that wouldn’t come off with the shovel. I offered them coffee homemade pie, and they said they have a thermos, and thanked me for the offer but declined and went right to work. I live in a 16 x80 foot single wide trailer, and they had the entire job done in only two hours. They even shoveled off the porch the snow from the roof. The went right to work, no delays, and they were very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the area. I have some building work needed and I will probably call them to do the job. Extremely Satisfied. Thank you Charles and Robert from Daggett Builders you do great work.
Member Comments:
The overall process was great. They came a little earlier then the agreed upon time, which was fine by me. They went right to work. They took pictures prior to and when the job was completed. I had a few small outbuildings up against the house and they shoveled off the roof and away from those buildings. While they were shoveling off the roof I went in and out of the house a few times and they ensured my safety by not dumping snow on me. Some of the snow from the roof was on both the front and rear porches and they cleaned them off completely, even better then it was before they came. Daggett Builders sends you a copy of the contract prior to their coming, and you and the workers both have a copy of the worker’s time card that way there is no dispute over time (work performed and length of time of work). I have a copy of each worker’s time card and they each have a copy of their time card so that way there is no discrepencies of time. Both copies are signed by both the workers and myself. Good system. All the work was done within 2 hours plus a 1/2hr travel time for each worker. I’m very satisfied with the professionalism of all involved.UpdateReturn
Report Status: Active

There is a section on the right that indicated that I nominated Daggett Builders as a “Page of Happiness nominee” which is something they offer and personally I don’t know anymore on that subject.
Below that is a box that gives a report card

Overall:   A
Price:    A
Quality:  A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality:  A
Professionalism:  A

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