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Testimonial Regarding Cushing Care Taking Services by Crystal and Chris Robinson

It is a pleasure to provide this testimonial regarding the care taking services provided by Crystal and Chris Robinson for my cottage in Cushing. In the fall of 2010, I learned that my cottage needed to have two air quality systems installed and major repairs done to the water treatment system at my Cushing cottage. However, I needed also to be at my winter home in Scarborough during this time. As a result, I decided to find someone who could unlock the cottage as needed by the workmen, check to make sure the work was being done appropriately, and lock the premises and set the security alarm after the workmen left. Further complicating this need was a separate timeline for the repair of the water treatment system and being able to easily reschedule making the property available for that workman when parts did not arrive as expected or other changes had to me made. Finally, there were a few tasks which needed to be done in the basement before the workmen arrived, including sealing the basement windows.

I had happened to see an email notice by Crystal and Chris Robinson about their care taking services and met with them about my situation. They thoroughly examined the property, and reviewed the materials detailing the systems to be installed and repaired. Crystal took thorough notes and both asked excellent questions, then agreed to provide this service. Their oversight throughout the fall and winter period involving these systems has been excellent in all respects – completely understood and carried out, excellent communication, and very thorough including periodic provision of digital photos and timely emails describing what had taken place and the conditions as they observed the systems and the interior and exterior of the house.

As a result of the quality and thoroughness of the originally requested service, I also have asked them to provide a year round monthly check of the property when I am not there to assure its security and the proper functioning of all systems. What a difference it has made for me to be able to know that all is well with the property when I cannot be there! Without hesitation, I would recommend the care taking services of Crystal and Chris Robinson for anyone who may want to have property oversight anywhere in the Cushing area.

Beth Bellemere
March 2011

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