New Guest House & Custom Garage, Cushing, ME


A Garage-Cottage, Cushing, Maine

Owners :  Donald & Cherry Brewster, MA





Previous work for other family members made our decision to build in Cushing contingent upon having Daggett Builders. Having formerly been an architect, I knew how critical the choice of contractor inevitably becomes in achieving a happy outcome.

Our garage cottage was an unusual project, stage-one in developing our cove-front property. This small 28×32 foot structure had to be a stand-alone four-season residence until its companion main house could be built several years in the future; then, it had to become a guest house plus garage. All the design elements, site development and systems choices anticipated those ultimate requirements.

40 years of publishing and advertising experience did not qualify me for executing the working drawings (capably done by Max Arnold of Stoneboat Design), for making a myriad of decisions on those systems, or for sorting through the many new technologies. Daggett Builders expertly advised, found very suitable subcontractors, managed the entire process and kept us fully informed throughout the entire building process.

Given the 4-hour commute from our Massachusetts home, frequent site visits were not as feasible as my role should have made them. But our email brought Chris and Crystal’s descriptive galleries of clear and relevant photos virtually weekly. Every adjustment generated emailed changeorder revisions to the original contract pricing, so we were never surprised as our cottage adjusted to changing possibilities and realities.

Having long ago worked on buildings, from houses to skyscrapers, and witnessed less than admirable construction work, I was especially pleased to see the unusually meticulous attention to detail and extreme care in craftsmanship that the Daggett team invested in this cottage. Their pride in perfection was obvious: the process was more like building a fine piece of furniture than constructing a house.

Any new house is a complex task where surprises are normal; how those are handled defines the quality and integrity of a builder. Chris and Crystal have jumped in to explain, fiddle, fix or replace anything that hasn’t performed as promised – without delay, excuse or complaint.

We look forward to having them manage the next stage when we commence building the main house: we cannot imagine using anyone other than Daggett Builders.

Donald & Cherry Brewster

Sherborn, MA & Cushing, ME


The last three photos in the gallery were taken by Kevin Shields of Rockport, ME. Kevin has done a lot of work for Down East Magazine. See his website for beautiful images of Maine

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