Cushing, ME | Testimonial Remodeling & Property Management

Cushing, ME Cottage | Property Managment

Cushing, ME Cottage | Property Managment

The following testimonial is from a client for whom we have worked for several years handling their home maintenance needs, doing remodeling projects such as replacing a skylight and repairing a flat roof, and property management of their vacation home in Cushing, ME.

Cushing, ME Cottage | Testimonial | Remodeling Project

Cushing, ME Cottage | Testimonial | Remodeling Project

We bought the Cushing Property in 1991 and since that time have spent extended summers every year. During each summer there have been visits from the families of our 4 children, each with their 3 children. Those years have been a wonderful part of our lives in this treasured place.

Daggett Builders plays a very special role on the Cushing peninsula as an extremely reliable and dependable area builder. Everyone knows them and many work with them. They are logical and organized in their approach to projects in proposing excellent solutions, estimating jobs, sourcing subcontractors, supervising jobs and following up. As a result, the quality of their work is excellent, reliable and cost effective.

We will continue to use their services because of their consistent methods and professionalism and the complete trust we have in their organization. They are wonderful people.

John & Nan McCurrach

Cushing, ME Testimonial | Renovations

Cushing, ME Testimonial | Renovations

We provide many services in Cushing, such as :

Residential Design & Build

Remodeling & New Construction 

Solariums & Architectural Glass 

Historic Renovations

Barns & Garages

Custom Millwork in our Shop here in Cushing

Handyman Services & Property Management

Home Asset Management Plans



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