New Custom Home for Handicapped Veteran in Cushing, ME

“A Letter of Thanks to our Builders, We the public are quick to complain, as well we should, when companies do not stand behind their products or workmanship. We are not so quick to thank these companies for their good service, quality workmanship and follow-up. We had a new home built in ’05/’06. We opted to go with a local contractor, Daggett Builders, Inc of Cushing. They were professional, helpful, courteous and informative, their workers likewise. A beautiful home! There were small items that needed attention — taken care of immediately. “Two” years later – a leak in the cellar wall. They sealed the inside — still leaked. No more patches! The builders themselves brought in an excavator, dug up the back yard and repaired the wall. Now that is standing behind your reputation! Our thanks and appreciation go out to Daggett Builders, Inc.”

Doris & Harold Mitchell, Cushing, Maine

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