New Deck & Ice Dam Removal with Artic Steamer in Cushing, ME

In the summer of 2010 we contracted with Daggett Builders to take on a substantial renovation of an elevated deck, built fifteen years ago, which surrounds all but the front side of our three-story house.  The deck measures (approximately) 75 feet, 25 feet, and 25 feet in the back and two sides of our home, respectively.   Specifically, the project called for the repair of certain boards in the deck floor itself and in some of the railings, and most significantly, for a total replacement of the stairs leading from our back yard to the deck itself.  Two separate doors from our middle floor lead on to different sections of the deck.  The reconstruction of the stairs was to be a major challenge, the original stairs having long been so steep as to prompt our ongoing concerns about safety and liability.


From the outset we were impressed by the thoroughness and professionalism with which Crystal Daggett Robinson and Chris Robinson approached the different specifications of this assignment, including the replication of the existing wood, sealer options, and other technical considerations.  Chris’s initial visit, to examine first hand the particulars of the project, and Crystal’s detailed, follow-up paperwork confirmed our confidence in Daggett Builders to take on this project. Crystal and Chris were always very accessible to us, and provided excellent advice before, during, and after the actual construction. The employee who assisted Chris was also very competent.  The new, safer and less steep stairs have become an excellent feature of the reconstructed deck, as is the stairs’ relocated, bottom platform which the employee installed. We continue to be very satisfied with our renovated deck, and would commend Daggett Builders to any homeowner whose planned construction project might also fall within the expertise of Chris and Crystal Robinson’s excellent firm.

Doug & Shirley Stenberg, Cushing, Maine



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