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Hi Crystal

Too bad you do not work in the Augusta area.  I currently live in Augusta and just bought a home in Oct. I hired another contractor to help renovate my home beginning Oct. He ran off with almost $11,000 and building material then left me with a mess that has be fixed by someone else. Sadly, I am left hanging and me and my 2 young kids currently live in a basement with no upstairs bathroom or kitchen….

Nice website you have there.

Thank you for the reference of Brad. Hopefully he can steer me in the right direction. Unfortunately we are left with a $27,000 budget after the rip-off. It’s terrible to say the least. Our home was completely gutted. The contractor had stole materials off the site and then when the police investigated he claimed they were “his” even though I had proof I bought them, they still did nothing. They said it was “civil”. No one has the right to break into your locked home. I contacted the AG, they did nothing but report me to my bosses for “writing my emails from work” which in turn got me into trouble. All because they did not want to do their job. The DA is doing nothing about it either. I did check the builder I had previously on the scrupulous list and he wasn’t there. All I can say is I did everything in my power to do the best I could to find someone good. Checked references (his references turned out to be his “best friends” I later, after being ripped off, found out. Fortunately I was able to recover some of the $ from the stolen materials through insurance and the BBB filed a public complaint report against the contractor. However when I tried to mediate the solution through the American Arbitration Association, the contractor refused to mediate yet has since contacted my bank looking for more funds he states I owe! My bank, having done an exit inspection, refuses to release the funds. And for good reason! Now the contractor threatens to bring a lien against the home. However, I believe it would be a frivolous lien as he has signed a lien waiver already?

Thank you for all you do and yes you’re most welcome to post what you need. I hope it does not happen to anyone else! The state needs better laws to protect consumers in cases like this. At this point, I will be lucky if I can get my home completed!

Name withheld to protect her privacy.   


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