Bathroom Remodel & Renovations in Tenants Harbor, ME

Survey rating 9 out of 10  Bathroom remodel, insulating, & small handyman jobs

Did we communicate with you before, during, and after the project?  Mostly

Yes, Daggett Builders and its subcontractors provided the information needed to help her make good choices.

Yes, our contract was clear and detailed enough

Yes, the job was on budget

Yes, the job was on time

Did our employees invite you to inspect their work before leaving the job site?  I think so.

Yes, the job site was clean

Yes, our employees were polite

Yes, I believe Daggett Builders is knowledgeable & professional

Why did you choose us?  Because of Robin’s WONDERFUL home.

How can we improve?  Have Chris check in a bit more often the next time.  The painting job was not the best. (Note this was a small paint job so we had our carpenters do it instead of our painting subcontractor.  We should have used our painting subcontractor.) There was an issue with the window caused by a nail on the trim which went in too deep and hit the mechanism.  It was fixed at no cost.

Can we use you as a reference on occasion?  Yes

Can we use your name, job site photos, video and/or comments in our advertising?   Yes

Yes, I have already recommended you to friends.  (This was for a major kitchen remodel and some handyman work.)

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