Window Replacement, Rot Repair & Other Renovations, Cushing, ME

These things may seem obvious, but in fact are rare with other builders.

* Accurate appraisal of when the job can begin

* Call day before to confirm arrival

* Show up on agreed day

* Project thought through and planned in advance of arrival so materials are in place for efficient and timely work.

* The most skillled, considerate,  and cooperative workers

* Fully insured so no client worries

* Clear and detailed contracts, no misunderstandings or “BS”

* I trust their work and ethics so much that I feel comfortable about them working at my home, even when I am not there and that is HUGE!

* Every man on the job is skilled, efficient and knowledgeable, no dreaded “helper schlumps” on the site . . . . much to our relief!

All of the men have been great and on all of the above qualities!  It’s been a pleasure to have them improve our home.

 Hugh & Ann Aaron, Cushing, ME


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