A Leaking Roof in Rockport, ME

This fall we had given all the rooms in our house a facelift with new painting.  Last week about 10:00am we noticed water coming in the ceiling and dripping rapidly from a ceiling light.

We had roof raked the front of our house, but the back is two stories and we couldn’t reach it.

We called Crystal on her cell phone and within a short time we had two men up on the roof shoveling and making channels thru the ice on our gutter system.

The water coming in the upstairs bedroom stopped shortly after they finished their work.  The next day all signs of the water ever having come in were gone.  No damage even to the paint!

We have no doubt if it hadn’t been for the Daggett’s quick response, we would have had damage in need of repair.

We have heard friends speak of being pleased when using Daggetts on a project.  Now we have first hand knowledge.

Jack & Linda Dabrio, Rockport Maine

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