New Custom Garage, Large Addition, New Kitchen in Cushing, ME

Joe and Jane Davin home. Designed by Silverio Architecture & Design.

Joe and Jane Davin home. Designed by Silverio Architecture & Design.

“We are currently in the final stages of finishing a project with Daggett Builders, Inc. The project includes an addition and renovation that has substantially upgraded (and more than doubled) our seaside home.

This is not the first time that we have been involved in a project like this, so we know what to look for, as well as what you would expect from a contractor.

To begin, the entire crew at Daggett Builders is a delight to work with. Chris Robinson is the point man with whom we have been working and he has been wonderful. That being said, the men who work for him are very high quality and have been resources unto themselves.

What you get when you hire the Daggett group is a team that works together to make sure that what you are getting is what you want. Chris hires good men to work for him. Whether they are employees or subcontractors, they are committed to excellence. When a question of how you might envision something comes up, they will proactively come up with options/solutions. Our balusters were a big question — one of the team members sketched out an idea on a piece of drywall and the plan was brilliant. It incorporated new and old and tied the different wood choices together. It has been a dynamic process, which benefited the project as a whole.

One other key component in the builder/owner relationship that bears mentioning is trust. This is a second home and we were not here all the time overseeing the project. A situation like this requires a high level of trust and integrity. The Daggett team’s integrity is impeccable.

Obviously, a letter doesn’t do justice to any specific questions that remain. We would be happy to answer any additional questions that you might have in regard to Daggett Builders.

The easiest measure of satisfaction that we often use when checking references on hiring someone is “would you hire them again?”. Our answer is emphatically YES in regard to Daggett Builders!” Best regards,

Joe & Jane Davin, Cushing, ME     Note :  They originally called Daggett Builders due to structural issues and needed renovations years ago.  This eventually led to a new garage, a new wing, a beautiful new kitchen, and a major remodel of the main house.

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