Multi-Year Renovations & Deck Work in Cushing, ME

Multiple Renovations Over a Period of Many Years
Survey Response:
How would you rate our service? 1 – 10 They rated it a 10.
Did we communicate well with you before, during, and after the project? Absolutely!

Did you get the information you needed from us and our subcontractors to help you make good choices? Yes

Was our contract clear and detailed enough? Very clear and detailed.

Was the job on budget? Yes On Time? Yes

Did our employees invite you to inspect their work before leaving the job site? Yes

Was the job site clean? Yes

Were our employees polite? Yes

Do you believe that we are knowledgeable & professional? The very best – thanks

Do we stand behind our work? Yes

How do we compare to builders you have used in the past? They were worse.

Do you have any suggestions for us? Would have you always

May we use your name, job site photos, video and/or comments in our advertising? Yes

Can we use you as a reference on occasion? Yes

Would you recommend us to your friends? Yes

Leslie & Ben Fuller, Cushing ME

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