New Energy Efficient Custom Home, Spruce Head, ME

Dining Area

Dining Area

A Great Experience!

Excellent group of builders with Chris a gentle but firm leader.  Site was tidy every week.  Guys were polite and proud of their work.  A few mistakes happened but were quickly fixed (not at my expense).  The bookkeeping is excellent – detailed and clear.  Cheers!  Anna B

Survey:  10 out of 10   Time & Materials Owner/Designed Project

Reasons?  Good, solid building, clean & neat, great guys!

Yes, we communicated well before, during, and after the project.

Yes, Daggett Builders and its subcontractors provided the information needed to help her make good choices.

Yes, the contract was clear and detailed enough.

Yes, the job was on budget.

No, the job was not completed on time.

Yes, the job site was clean.  Yes employees were polite

Yes, she believes that we are knowledgeable & professional

Why did you choose us?  You’re tops

How can we improve?  Realistic estimated time

May we use your name, job site photos, video and/or comments in our advertising?  Yes

Would you recommend us to your friends?  Yes

Note: Charles and Mark are superb carpenters!

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