Rockport, ME Testimonial Multi-Year Renovations

Rockport, ME Renovations and Remodeling Projects over several years

Rockport, ME Renovations and Remodeling Projects over several years

This is from a survey provided to Rob & Stella Stewart of Rockport after we did the first job for them.  Since then Rob & Stella have hired us to do several other jobs to include siding, working on their deck, repairing flashing on their roof. 

Note from Chris Robinson of Daggett Builders, Inc :

In 2012, we started surveying our clients after each job.   Here is an example of a survey dated 1/23/2012 which is particularly useful for us.  We truly want your honest opinion so that if we do not merit a 10 out of 10, we know why and can do better next time.

1.  How would you rate our service?     9 out of 10

2.  Did we communicate well with you before, during, and after the project.  Yes (before)  Not so much (during) and Yes (after).  Note from Chris – This information from our client is very helpful.  We e mailed photos every couple of days and talked to them from time to time on site.   However, Rob was having trouble with his e mail and because I didn’t communicate enough with him, I didn’t know it and he didn’t know I was sending the photos.

3.  Did you get the information you needed from us and our subcontractors to help you make good choices?       Yes

4.  Was our contract clear and detailed enough?      Yes

5.  Was the job on budget?  Yes    On time?  Yes

6.  Did our employees invite you to inspect their work before leaving the job site?   I wasn’t here most days when they left.

7.  Was the job site clean?  Yes   Were our employees polite?  Yes

8.  Do you believe we are knowledgeable and professional?   Yes

9.  Do we stand behind our work?   Yes

10.  How do we compare to builders you have used in the past?  (The choices were same, better, worse.  He didn’t circle any of them.)

11. Do you have any suggestions for us?    Give more than 1 day’s notice before coming out.     Note from Chris:  Point well taken.  Thank you.  We will do better next time.

12.  May we use your name, job site photos, video and/or comments in our advertising?  Yes

13.  Can we use you as a reference on occasion?   Yes

14.  Would you recommend us to your friends?   Yes

15.  Have you visited our website lately?   Yes    What was most or least helpful?    The articles  (note: They also read the articles we published in the Village Soup, a local online newspaper.)

Please provide specific examples that will help people decide whether to hire us or our competition.  Do not be afraid to mention a mistake.    We do our best but sometimes we do make mistakes.  People want to know how we handle our mistakes.

Rob’s answer:

–  Knowledgeable and friendly

–  Clean up well after most days – did find nails in driveway.   Note from Chris:  Yes, I admit that we forgot to load the magnet sweeper on the 1st day.  We did our best to collect the nails as we were pulling the shingles off the roof, but it is very difficult to find all of the nails without the magnet.  We should have called Rob and Stella at work to give them a heads up before they drove in.

–  Open to suggestions

–  Good teamwork, no on site bickering

–  Trustworthy, I wasn’t here many days but had no concern something would be missing.

We provide many services in Rockport, such as :

Residential Design & Build

Remodeling & New Construction 

Solariums & Architectural Glass 

Historic Renovations

Barns & Garages

Custom Millwork in our Shop in Cushing

Handyman Services & Property Management

Home Asset Management Plans


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