Waterfront Property inTenants Harbor

These comments were from a caretaker who asked to have his name withheld pending permission from his employers.  This is an ongoing project.

To date your job performance has been generally superb.  The work has been done in  a very timely manner, very neatly, and billed costs have been reasonable considering the sort of work involved.  Chris and crew have been most respectful of the property, clients’ requests – even small ones!

Chris and the two other fellows who worked here so far (whose names I do not recall now) all get A+ in my view.

My only criticisms -and they are few – would involve the use of some materials I personally am not keen on – pressure treated lumber used within a gable wall, and a masonry mix poured around a sill repair.  The PT use I believe I had originally outlined with Chris as not desireable and when the wall was reconstructed and a piece of PT was already built in at 2nd floor level, I felt aggravated by this but chose to let it go as the wall needed to get closed up due to weather.  (Note from Chris – I thanked him for his constructive criticisms and apologized to him for not getting permission to use the piece of PT.  We talked about the masonry mix.  There really wasn’t any other option to fill in the small, oddly shaped space between the stone foundation and the sill.  His concern was that masonry wicks water but I don’t think it will be a problem as the foundation is being waterproofed from the exterior.   We actually like surveys like these because they provide us with specific things we can work to improve on.)  

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