Burst Pipes – Have You Checked the Batteries in Your Thermostat?

Does your thermostat have batteries?  If so, make sure they are working.  We received a call this week from a client whose pipes had burst in an apartment over the garage.  The client was home, the furnace was working fine but the batteries had died in the thermostat.  Could this happen to you? 

Two days later, another client called.  While she was away, the boiler stopped working, the pipes burst, and the damage was pretty extensive, quite depressing actually.   

We have also responded to several low temp alarms at 3am but that is a good thing because we were able to get the furnaces serviced and working before the houses got too cold.  The low temp alarms are well worth the money. 

You may think you do not need one if you are living in the house but what if something goes wrong in a zone that you rarely use?  Do you know how to shut off the water to minimize the damage? Burst pipes cause an amazing amount of damage.  Don’t let it happen to you.

We went straight downstairs to our daylight basement, which we rarely use in the winter, and replaced the batteries in our thermostat.  We are also going to spring for a low temp alarm.  It is money well spent, if only to avoid the hassle of haggling with our insurance company. 


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