Everything You Need in a Tiny Space


Everything You Could Want and More in a Tiny Space!

This apartment in the Swiss Alps has everything you need and then some.   It is only about 8’ wide and 15’ long but it seems more spacious.   For example, when you open the door your eye is immediately drawn to a sliding glass door and the balcony beyond it. 

The kitchenette is tucked around the corner.

Pull down the Murphy Bed and the living room becomes a pleasant bedroom with a view.

Relax in the steam room after a long day of skiing.  It doubles as a shower and is much more economical to operate than a spa tub.    This particular unit was made by Tylo and it is 10 times better than wimpy hotel steam rooms.    You can really crank up the heat, add a scent such as eucalyptus, turn on therapeutic colored lights, and even listen to your favorite music.  Having grown up with the old fashioned wood fired saunas, I was skeptical.  However, Chris and I both loved it!

There is a bench with storage space underneath on the balcony.  

Take a cue from the Swiss.  Use the balcony to air out your bedding every morning and give it that wonderful scent of clean, fresh air.   

See the attached photos.  For more information or for ideas on getting the most out of a small, economical, energy efficient space, call Daggett Builders, Inc   Tel. 207 354 6177

www.daggettbuilders.com   Christopher Robinson and Crystal Daggett Robinson

Photos provided by Philip Robinson, Chandolin, Switzerland

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