Is Ozone Safe in Your Home?

Chris Robinson, owner of Daggett Builders, Inc, recently attended a second seminar given by the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council.  This one was a one day course on the Science of Building Diagnostics.

Have you seen the ads promoting the health effects of ozone machines? They claim to purify the air in your home?  Maybe you already have one by your bedside.

According to the MIAQC, ozone is a potent respiratory irritant.  It can adversely affect your health even at low levels.

It promotes complex reactions and chemistry in indoor environments, including the formation of ultrafine particles and aldehydes.

The speaker likened the dial 1 through 10 on an ozone machine to a select your level of poison dial.

Asthma is already the most common chronic condition of school age children.  The MIAQC says that about 10-15% of children have diagnosed asthma and 40% have allergic rhinitis (hay fever).

Asthma and Hay Fever are two of the leading causes of absenteeism.

This was only one of the many topics covered in the MIAQC course.  To learn more, watch for future articles and/or call Daggett Builders, Inc

Tel. 207 354 6177

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