Oil Furnance Maintenance Tips

Oil burners seem to malfunction in the middle of the coldest nights of the year and especially on weekends.  This was a sleepless weekend for Chris and I as we responded to emergency calls.  Here are a few tips that might help you avoid a late night scramble.

Have your oil burner serviced at least once a year by a specialist who is highly recommended and who is willing and able to respond to emergency calls.  Plumbers sell, install, and are technically also able to service boilers.  However, according to our plumber, several oil burner technicians, and our oil delivery serviceman, the servicing of the oil burners should be delegated to a master oil burner technician.   Our plumber explained that it takes skill and lots of practice to get the settings on an oil burner just right.    He installed our oil burner and then gave us the name of a master oil burner technician for maintenance.  Based on what we’ve seen over the years, it was good advice. 

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