Portfolio: Custom Homes

Rustic Guest House

Rustic Cottage designed by architect to blend in with main house

This guest house was designed by architect, Christopher Glass, to match the existing cottage.  It blends so well into its surroundings you can barely see it from the water. See more photos of this guest house and the surrounding property in the … Continue reading

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New Trend in Custom Homes Part 1 of 2

Custom Garage / Temporary Cottage until the Main House is Built / Photo taken right after construction

New Trend in Custom Homes Build the Garage First and Use it as a Cottage Temporarily This is the two-part story of two clients and their clever solutions to easing cautiously into custom building. A Very Simple Solution : Part … Continue reading

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Architect Sam Van Dam of Portland, ME

Living room beams

This home was designed by architect Sam Van Dam of Portland, Maine. It was a challenge and a treat to build something so well-engineered. To start with, the building site dropped off steeply toward the water, so two forty-foot steel … Continue reading

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Custom Furniture


To see more examples of custom furniture commissioned by clients, see the Our Shop page.  

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