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Billiard Room

Residential Billiards Room

We built this billiard room for our client.  The benches shown here were built in our shop.

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Movie Theater Addition

Home Movie Theater Addition Custom Designed

This client asked to have a movie theater addition on his home.

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The Sunroom Addition Has to Complement the House

Interior Immediately After Construction

This client wanted to surprise his elderly parents with a new sunroom addition to their antique farm house.   We enlisted the help of Max Arnold of Stoneboat, Ltd.  It is now the most used room in their house.   See the … Continue reading

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Addition Disaster Fixed After 20 Long Years

Trish hired a construction company to build a two story 20’x30′ addition to her home.  She was looking forward to enjoying the view of Thomaston Harbor from her new rooms.  Unfortunately, she was never truly able to use the addition because … Continue reading

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New Roof Leaked – Original Contractor Couldn’t Fix It

Roof Guard incorrectly applied and serving no purpose.

  Move your cursor over each photo for a description. Arthur, a well respected and intelligent man, former fire chief and former metal roofer, hired a roofing company to replace his roof with a new metal roof.  He trusted that … Continue reading

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Photos & Commentary Provided by Client


    First noticed rot on left vertical trim board of this window, as well as rot in areas of the inside corner boards.Pursuit of the origin and extent of the rot necessitated the removal of siding, corner boards, window … Continue reading

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New Trend in Custom Homes Part 1 of 2

Custom Garage / Temporary Cottage until the Main House is Built / Photo taken right after construction

New Trend in Custom Homes Build the Garage First and Use it as a Cottage Temporarily This is the two-part story of two clients and their clever solutions to easing cautiously into custom building. A Very Simple Solution : Part … Continue reading

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An 1835 Sail Loft Brought Back to Life

Sail Loft Entrance

1835: Sail Loft constructed in a small Maine fishing community. Early 1900’s: Sail Loft was refurbished with new trim detail. The shingles were replaced with clapboards. 1950’s to 1960’s: Downturn in the ship building industry. The building was left vacant. … Continue reading

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An Island Fishing Village Brought Back to Life

Fish House

Historical renovation and replication of a traditional fishing village has been a twenty-year, ongoing project for Daggett Builders. Daggett has accurately renovated many completely deteriorated buildings, replicated buildings from old photographs, and designed and built new structures to compliment the … Continue reading

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Children’s Craft Room

Custom Window Seat and Custom Frame Around Client's Antique Window

These two photos are of a children’s craft room.   The window seat was designed around an antique window the client owned.  Almost everything shown here was custom built.

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