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Replica of a 50’s era Mobile Service Station…

1950's Residential Mobile Station

This client asked us to turn one of his garages into a replica of a 1950’s era Mobile Service Station.

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Getting What You Want * On Schedule * On Budget

You may be thinking, oh well, none of those stories relate to me.  I’m going to have a custom home built by contractors who were referred to me or who have a beautiful portfolio.  You are off to a good start … Continue reading

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Bowling Alley

Residential Bowling Alley

These two photos are of a bowling alley we built in a client’s home.  This used to be a six bay garage.    The benches shown were custom built.

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1950’s Diner

1950's residential diner

We were given two weeks to turn a client’s storage room into a 1950’s diner.   This was a residential, not a commercial project.  Yes, it was a fun project!

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I Want to Convert my Deck into a Sunroom but the Costs Have to be in Line With My Home’s Market Value

Sun Room Addition to an Antique Farm House

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Architect Sam Van Dam of Portland, ME

Living room beams

This home was designed by architect Sam Van Dam of Portland, Maine. It was a challenge and a treat to build something so well-engineered. To start with, the building site dropped off steeply toward the water, so two forty-foot steel … Continue reading

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This Contractor Stole Her Life Savings

The place Chris went to see last week was one of the worst examples he has seen.    It was completely unsafe; the contractor did the work without getting any permits, and took off after receiving a large payment.  This woman is … Continue reading

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Penny Wise / Pound Foolish

A nice young couple with a lovely home called us to give a price to build a full dormer on the back of their house.   They said they might want to do some of the work themselves. They had been … Continue reading

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Custom Furniture


To see more examples of custom furniture commissioned by clients, see the Our Shop page.  

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