Residential Sprinkler Systems – Rockland’s Assistant Fire Chief Offers Some Advice

Residential Sprinklers Systems.  Knowledge that could save your life.  by Daggett Builders, Inc


A Residential Fire Sprinkler System is slated to be standard code effective January 2011.   While it may not be mandatory where you live, it is certainly worth learning more about.   Your local fire chief is an excellent resource.  The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition is another great resource.  We have their packet of information which includes a DVD entitled: Build for Quality, Build for Life.  


This is an update from Adam Miceli, Asst. Fire Chief in Rockland

I noticed your “Biz Brief” on the Village Soup page and wanted to give you the heads up that it appears that the Maine building code adoption committee (name?) decided not to include the sprinkler mandate as required in both the IRC and NFPA 101. Short of the legislature doing a 180 on this issue, the sprinklers likely will not go statewide until another revision of the Code is adopted in the future. Here in Rockland, we still have a new one and two family dwelling sprinkler requirement as we adopted NFPA 101, 2009 into ordinance last fall. We’ve been contacted by other communities looking to adopt ordinances at the local level due the State dropping the ball.
Thank you for promoting the information on home fire sprinklers. It is nice to see a home builder that has taken the time to look into this very important safety feature. If you ever want more information or have any questions you cannot find answers to readily, please do not hesitate to call me.
Adam Miceli
Asst. Fire Chief



Here is some information put out by the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.  




An Independent Non Commercial Organization


Mission:   To educate the public about the life saving value of home sprinkler systems.


Facts :              Fire Sprinklers Always Activate Individually

                        The Sensors React to Extremely High Heat, Not Smoke

                        Sprinklers are Typically Supplied by the Household Water Main

                        A Tank and Pump Can be Used for Homes on Wells



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