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Here is a link to a video with a demonstration burn, with and without fire sprinkler


Interview with Gerald Leach of Northeast Fire Sprinkler Corporation in Waldoboro by Daggett Builders, Inc. 


The number one reason to have a sprinkler system is to save lives but there are other benefits as well.  How does a sprinkler system save lives?  It will give you and your family more time to get out of the house safely.  It can save a fireman’s life.  The risk of dying in a fire decreases by about 80%.   It is amazing how quickly a home will burn.  An employee of ours lost his home to fire.  He was working in his garage in the middle of the day when the fire started.   His wife was in the kitchen and his adult son was also there.  He grabbed the fire extinguisher which was handy by and tried to put out the flame but it grew so fast and so furiously he couldn’t manage it.  The flames shot through into the kitchen before he could even warn his wife.  She ran out, his son ran out, and he ran out.  They barely got out with their lives and lost everything.  Imagine if the fire had started at night when everyone was asleep.  What if they had had young children, or an elderly person living there, or pets; what if one of them simply had a sprained ankle?


If saving a life isn’t reason enough, what are the other benefits of having a sprinkler system?  


Property loss is decreased by about 74%.  This includes the irreplaceable items like photos, documents, etc.   The paperwork after a fire can be overwhelming.  Our employee was asked to itemize and produce receipts for every little thing, even the food in his pantry.  


Clean up is usually possible with a wet vac.


You will be able to sleep in your home that same night.


There will be much less smoke damage or odor.


Insurance breaks of 5% to 12%


Adds value to your home and does not depreciate over time.  The system is pretty much maintenance free.  Fire alarms are a very effective life saving device but they do require routine maintenance.

Community savings which could lead to lower property taxes.

They protect nearby homes and trees.


Sprinkler systems are green.  They reduce fire damage by up to 97%, water usage by up to 90%, green house gases by up to 98%, and they reduce the amount of water pollution into the environment.


Fire ponds are not necessary.  Compare the cost of constructing and maintaining a fire pond with a sprinkler at $4,000 to $5,000 per home.


What are the costs?


The national average is $1.61 per square foot but this number is skewed because of the extremely low cost of installing multiple sprinkler systems in tract homes in subdivisions in places where they are mandatory.   Some of the lowest costs are in the southwest where they have been installing sprinkler systems for 80 cents a square foot.  Do to our climate (freezing) and the type of construction (2 story wood homes), the costs average $2.00 to $2.50 per square foot.  Add approximately $1,000 to $1,200 to that price if you are dependent on well water.   Installation will cost a bit more in an existing home because of the need to cut, patch, and repaint.   Gerald says he tries to hide the majority of the piping in closets.


Prices will drop as sprinklers become more common.  


What are the myths?


Malfunctions are rare.  Every sprinkler is designed to operate individually.  They are designed to operate when the heat becomes intense about 155 degrees.  They will not go off because of smoke.  They put out the fire with mists of water, usually at the source.  Compare this to the amount of water that comes out of a fire hose.


Sprinkler heads can be flush mounted and nearly invisible.


Sprinklers are inexpensive to fix after a fire


The facts were provided by Gerald Leach.  The article was written by Crystal Daggett Robinson of Daggett Builders, Inc.   We’ve made every effort to be accurate but to err is human.  Please contact us if you disagree with any of the information provided here.


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