Resources : Building Tips & Ideas

Design for Safety & Ease of Maintenance

All structures should be designed to be safely and efficiently maintained.   How many of you builders and handymen have faced a project and knew right away that what should be simple is unnecessarily difficult due to the design of … Continue reading

Insulate Your Windows To Lower Your Heating Bills

Brad Briggs of Budget Blinds Blinds Closed Windows, even the most efficient ones, have very little R value.   Any solar gain during the day is lost at night if the windows are left exposed.  You can lose up to 50% of your heat … Continue reading

Want to lower your heating bill but not be cold? A cool gadget like the Nest Thermostat & simple tricks will help!

Winter is starting early this year.  One way to save money without suffering is to program your thermostat to turn down the heat when you don’t need it and to turn it on when you do.   Just a few … Continue reading

Everything You Need in a Tiny Space

  Everything You Could Want and More in a Tiny Space! This apartment in the Swiss Alps has everything you need and then some.   It is only about 8’ wide and 15’ long but it seems more spacious.   For example, … Continue reading

Why Do We Want More MCBA Certified Members?

Everyone, the homeowners and the industry as a whole, benefits by having a core group of committed and professional builders.       –          The jobs are done right and are up to code –          The contracts are clearly written to provide peace … Continue reading

European Kitchen Tour : What’s Hot / What’s Not

We spent much of our recent vacation in or near the kitchens of family and friends in Switzerland.   As their building boom continues within a confined land area, the trick is to make smaller, more efficient living quarters.  We are … Continue reading

Is Ozone Safe in Your Home?

Chris Robinson, owner of Daggett Builders, Inc, recently attended a second seminar given by the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council.  This one was a one day course on the Science of Building Diagnostics. Have you seen the ads promoting the health effects of … Continue reading

Indoor Air Quality

The price of heating oil is rising and people are rushing to tighten up their homes to save energy. Daggett Builders, Inc is a member of the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council    There is a wealth of information on … Continue reading

2009 International Energy Conservation Code

January 2011   Christopher Robinson of Daggett Builders was one of only two builders who attended the three hour program entitled Basics of the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code, presented by George B. Terrien, Architect at the MIDCOAST CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS ASSOCIATION … Continue reading

Energy Efficiency & Air Quality

Energy Efficiency:  You want to save on your energy bills and we do too.   You can start with a few simple, inexpensive do it yourself projects like installing cellular shades.  Before you do anything major though,  you should seek the … Continue reading