Design Your Roof To Protect Your Home

The primary function of a roof is to protect the home.   It is also a very important architectural element.   A well designed and properly installed roof will provide you with years of carefree comfort.  Before you build or renovate, take a critical look at the roof design.   We see far too many design flaws which could easily be avoided with a bit of forethought.


These are three common problems.

 The doors & windows leak.

This can happen when the overhang is not sufficient to keep the water from splashing up against the house and forcing itself under the doors.  It is especially bad when the roof is large, high, and steep.


Rain and snow collect on parts of the roof.  The snow has to be raked by hand.

Look at the proposed design and picture what will happen in a heavy storm.  Where will the rain and snow collect, even temporarily?  These areas will have to be addressed.   If the roof isn’t designed so that the snow will slide off easily it will collect and you will have to remove it by hand.   Do you want to rely on a heat tape or go out and shovel the snow off of your roof?  Do you want leaks to occur where two roofs meet?  If not, design it so that nature will do the work for you. 


The rain and snow falling off the roof is causing damage below.

Take note where the run off will go.  Will it cause erosion problems?  Will it accumulate and pose problems?  Could falling snow and ice cause damage or even create a danger?

Can you design your roof to minimize or even eliminate the need for gutters?    Gutters need maintenance or they will cause more problems than they solve. 


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