Why Do We Want More MCBA Certified Members?

Everyone, the homeowners and the industry as a whole, benefits by having a core group of committed and professional builders.      

–          The jobs are done right and are up to code

–          The contracts are clearly written to provide peace of mind

–          The crews work safely and efficiently to minimize liability and control costs

–          Certified Builders have to provide ongoing proof of insurance to MCBA

–          The MCBA Certified Builders attend an Ethics Course

–          Certified Builders have to have at least three years of experience.

Our group of Certified Builders needs to be large enough to have some clout in the press.   How many times have you read an article and asked yourself, “Why do they say that!?”   You’ve seen the articles that put us all in a bad light and devalue our profession.  Let’s be pro active and give the public a reason to say:

“I want to hire a MCBA Certified Builder for my next project.”

“I see the value in hiring a professional.”

Our group of Certified Builders also needs to be large enough and committed enough to self regulate.   We all know how long it takes to build a reputation and how quickly it can be destroyed.     When we promote the value of choosing a MCBA Certified Builder we share the responsibility of upholding that standard. 

What does it take to become a MCBA Certified Builder?

–           Three years of experience as a builder

–          Proof of Liability Insurance every three years

–          Attend an OSHA Safety Course every three years

–          A passing grade on a Building Codes Exam

–          Attend a Contract Law Course

–          Attend an Ethics Course


Join Our Group

Let’s prove to the public that there is value in hiring a MCBA Certified Builder.

Daggett Builders, Inc     Education Committee Members / Maine Contractors & Builders Alliance


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