Why Is That Pineapple On The Gate Post?

Today, as in colonial America, the home is a gathering place for family and friends. It is a sanctuary; a place designed to fit the homeowner’s needs, dreams, and values.

Colonial Americans placed pineapples, a rare and expensive fruit, on their tables as a symbol of welcome, good cheer, and human warmth. Sea Captains stuck pineapples on their gates to announce their return from sea and to welcome visitors. Visiting was the primary means of entertainment, cultural intercourse and news dissemination. The concept of hospitality – the warmth, charm and style with which guests were taken into the home – was a central element of the society’s daily emotional life.

As our world grows more hectic and homogeneous, the need to express one’s individuality and appreciation of family and friends becomes more apparent. What better symbol for a company committed to helping people build their dream home than the pineapple.  Many of our customers are repeat and referrals because we strive to meet their needs and to make them feel respected and valued. Therefore, we chose to use the enduring icon of the colonial pineapple as our logo, a truly American fruit symbolizing our founding society’s abiding commitment to hospitality as well as its fondest memories of families, friends and good times.

…some information borrowed from Hoag Levin’s “Symbolism of the Pineapple Being the Brief and Colorful History of a Truly American Fruit.”

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