Portfolio: Unique & Unusual

Tiny House or a Guest House on Wheels ?

Solarium at Plants Unlimited in Rockport, ME

  Would you like to have a tiny house built onto a trailer? Do you need a guest house?  Have you considered co-owning a guest house on wheels?    Does seeing this inspire you to think outside the box?   … Continue reading

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Toy Train Room Extravaganza

Residential Toy Train Room

This 40′ addition was designed to house the owner’s toy train collection.  We spent hours putting this train set together.  A few years later, the owner decided to donate the trains to a museum and turn this room into a display … Continue reading

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Billiard Room

Residential Billiards Room

We built this billiard room for our client.  The benches shown here were built in our shop.

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Movie Theater Addition

Home Movie Theater Addition Custom Designed

This client asked to have a movie theater addition on his home.

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Children’s Craft Room

Custom Window Seat and Custom Frame Around Client's Antique Window

These two photos are of a children’s craft room.   The window seat was designed around an antique window the client owned.  Almost everything shown here was custom built.

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Replica of a 50’s era Mobile Service Station…

1950's Residential Mobile Station

This client asked us to turn one of his garages into a replica of a 1950’s era Mobile Service Station.

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Bowling Alley

Residential Bowling Alley

These two photos are of a bowling alley we built in a client’s home.  This used to be a six bay garage.    The benches shown were custom built.

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1950’s Diner

1950's residential diner

We were given two weeks to turn a client’s storage room into a 1950’s diner.   This was a residential, not a commercial project.  Yes, it was a fun project!

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