Sun Rooms & Additions

For Dreamy Days and Starlit Nights

Do you dream of your own private, light filled space?  Are you thinking of adding a sunroom?  Do you want a tiny house but also want lots of glass to make it feel more spacious and to capture the beauty of your natural surrounding?  Would you like to work with a design and build team whose mission is to capture your dream and turn it into reality? Are value and peace of mind important to you?  Do you want the design to fit your budget?  If so, it is essential to choose a stable company with a proven track record. See the 60+ client testimonials on this website.

The coast of Maine is on the same latitude as southern France and northern Italy.  Maine can be cold, even in the summer, but you can be protected with a well built sunroom. Gentle rays of sun will infuse you with a sense of well being during the day. Star studded skies will inspire your dreams at night. It is no accident that Maine attracts artists and inspires the average person with awe. It has a lot to do with the quality of light here.

Jonathan Scott of Daggett Builders, Inc share your deep appreciation of architecture, landscaping, and of how the quality of one’s surroundings affects one’s sense of well being.  Our years of experience help bring a unique perspective to your design and build team,  Yankee ingenuity combined with an eye toward precision, detail, and longevity.

Your home, Your dreams, Your builder

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