Handyman Services

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Handyman Services

Are you tired of playing phone tag?

Our office is staffed by someone who will get back to you that same day.

Do you want a specific appointment time?

No problem, you may schedule the date and time.   You won’t have to wait around all day.

Do you want to do some of the work yourself to save money?

No problem.  We can do as much or as little as you want.

Are you worried about being overcharged for “phantom hours”?

There is a place for your signature on our employee time cards.  You and our employees verify the hours before they leave.  No surprises.   We’ll even e mail you the construction photos.

Are you concerned about liability?

Our employees are covered by our worker’s compensation and liability insurance for your protection.  We screen them, train them, give them the equipment they need, and stand behind their work.

Why take a chance on the guy in the pick up truck?  How much will you really save and how do you know he will stand behind his work?


The Home Asset Management Plan is a pro active plan design to protect your largest asset, your home. It will change the way you view the task of maintaining your home and it starts with an evaluation of each component of your home and its systems.

Would you like to be able to anticipate your maintenance needs so you can budget for them? A stitch in time saves nine!

What about the peace of mind of knowing what condition your home is in now and what needs immediate attention?

Do you think your home would be worth more if you could prove that it has been well taken care of?

In the event of a fire, would you like to know that your home inventory and maintenance records are being stored off site by a company who will advocate for you?

Would you like to make one phone call for whatever you need done in your home and know that it will be handled promptly and professionally for a fair price?

Contact Daggett Builders today to see a sample H.A.M.P. Notebook and to learn more about how the program works.

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Do it Right and Do it Once

Do you need someone you trust to be there when you can’t? Are you looking for a company with stability and longevity? Call Daggett Builders and ask for me, Crystal Daggett Robinson, to enquire about our Handyman and our Home Asset Management Plan. We have experience managing everything from small cottages to island estates.

You make one phone call to us and we’ll try to find a way to help you with a wide variety of services.  Our focus is on construction but we have a lot of resources at our finger tips thanks to years of being in business and our many contacts.

Handyman Work is work that takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days and costs less than $3,000. It isn’t something that we can easily estimate and it would add to your costs to have us come out twice, once to estimate and then again to do the job.  We do our best to help contain your costs though.  This is how we do it.

You e mail or mail us your To Do List, include photos if possible, and we send you a contract with our rates for your approval. Rather than come out to your place once to estimate and then again to do the job, we ask you to prioritize your list and give us your budget limit. Once the contract is approved and your deposit is received, we send a well qualified and well equipped employee to your home. In addition to the time spent at your house, there is also time gathering the tools and materials needed and, if the job takes less than a full day, travel time to and from your home. The entire time that our employee spends performing your job, on and off site, is chargeable time.

We now ask new clients for an advance deposit as, believe it or not, we have sent people out to do a job after confirming the day and time the night before, and no one was home or they changed their minds.   If this arrangement seems fair to you, please give us a call!

Call 207 354 6177 for help with your handyman needs today!