Ice Dams & The Spring Thaw – A Bad Combination

Ice Dam Causing a Leak

Ice Dam Causing a Leak

It is late winter.  The sun’s strong rays are turning all of that ice and snow into water.  Your roof is dripping and every once in awhile you hear the loud wooshhhhh! of a small avalanche sliding off of your roof.   You are sipping your coffee while gazing out the window and reflecting on the awesome beauty of a Maine winter.  The sun’s rays feel warm, even through the window, and your spirits rise as your thoughts turn to spring.   The endless shovelling will soon come to an end.

You think you felt a drop and casually look up at your ceiling; your spirits sink.  “Nooo!!! Not a leak!   “I just spent a fortune on plowing and now I have to deal with workmen tramping into my house and tearing into my sheetrock!”

Wait!!!  Rewind and back up!  

Go back to that idyllic scene where you are sipping your coffee and looking forward to spring.  You hired Daggett Builders, Inc to safely steam away that ice dam on your roof before the spring thaw and there is no leak.  You caught it just in time and have a plan to minimize or even eliminate that ice dam next year.    You don’t have to deal with your insurance company, paperwork, or workmen tramping through your house in the middle of mud season.   The cost of removing the ice dam was about the same or not much more than your insurance deductible.   You sigh with pleasure and sit back as you say to yourself, “time for another cup of that coffee”.

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We are here to help you by removing those ice dams and helping you prevent future occurrences.

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