Safety Is Expensive but Worth The Money

Safety Course on Fall Protection

Safety Course on Fall Protection

In preparation for spring projects, the whole crew spent the day at a training session on Scaffolding and Fall Protection.   While there we got to see the latest and greatest equipment and decided to replace our safety lines with retractable lines at $500 each.  Ouch!!  That is the price for just the lines, the harnesses are extra.  The safety of our crew is worth every penny though.  The lines we had were still legal but they tended to get in the way and created a trip hazard.  The new ones are like seat belts.  If you move slowly and steadily, they lengthen and shorten automatically but if you make a sudden move, they stop you short.

We all want to save money but we also have to ask ourselves how we would feel if someone working on our house was injured or killed?  What if the accident could have been avoided if they had could have afforded safety equipment and safety training?  Would you be willing to pay a bit more to hire a company that takes safety seriously and has sufficient worker’s comp and liability insurance to protect its workers and also you as the client?

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