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Exterior Lighting for Safety & Curb Appeal

Have you ever had a neighbor’s lights shine into your bedroom at night?  It is possible to add exterior lighting to your home for security, safety, and visual appeal without disturbing your neighbors. Take your time when selecting exterior lights.  A well … Continue reading

30% Tax Credit on Solar Powered Skylights

Velux just introduced a new Solar Powered “Fresh Air” skylight with some long awaited features which you will love.  The 30% Federal Tax Credit is icing on the cake.    A tax credit, unlike a tax rebate, is real money that you … Continue reading

Sun Room FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions – Source Sunshine Rooms, Inc Please take a moment to review these FAQ and chances are most of your questions about sunrooms and solariums will be answered. Q. I want a wide-open view of the outdoors, including … Continue reading

Air Exchanger – Cottage at #359

Do you really need an air exchange system?  No one wants to pay for something they don’t need.  However, if your house is tight and well insulated, you do need a well balanced air exchange system. They are mandatory in Canada.  … Continue reading

Your Dream Barn

Do you need help designing and building a barn for your horses or livestock?  We would love to help you and if you want, have lots of ideas to make life more comfortable for your animals and easier for you.  … Continue reading

Solarium Decorated for Valentines !

Come see what Lisa Bottero of Nobleboro Antique Exchange has done with our model solarium at Plants Unlimited in Rockport.  See the photos posted on Face Book.   The photos do not do Lisa’s work justice, you have to see it for yourself.

Burst Pipes – Have You Checked the Batteries in Your Thermostat?

Does your thermostat have batteries?  If so, make sure they are working.  We received a call this week from a client whose pipes had burst in an apartment over the garage.  The client was home, the furnace was working fine but … Continue reading

Maine Contractors & Builders Alliance in the News – Working Together to Protect Homeowners

 The pressherald.com posted an article yesterday about a handyman in Portland, ME who is currently on trial.   Shoddy work is a common problem and one which the Maine Contractors & Builders Alliance has been working to fix.  Daggett Builders, Inc was one of the … Continue reading

Dine “al fresco” year round in your own solarium

Winter doesn’t have to be a depressing time of year.  If you had a solarium, you could be enjoying the outdoors and natural light from the comfort of your home.  Did you know that we are on the same latitude … Continue reading

Why Your Oil Delivery Service is Important – Two Stories

We used to take our oil delivery service and auto refill for granted.  That is until we had a problem.  Like most people, we don’t want to spend more than we have to on heating oil.  We shopped for the best price, … Continue reading